Animal Communication & Reiki Healing

SELRES_d641ae4c-09eb-4104-9858-7a1997bc0ea01 Hour Session: $150 + Travel

Just like Reiki for people, animals have, and can receive this universal life force energy, and are extremely sensitive and receptive to this type of healing. They are more grounded with basic emotions and instincts, with energy as their universal language.
Reiki healing can be used for any animal in any stage of life, and for various reasons including: after surgery for quicker healing, adjusting to new surroundings, introduction to new pets and people, loss of another family pet, animosity towards other pets or people, anxiety or fear, past trauma, destructive or inappropriate behavior, aggression, illness, transitioning to the light and much more!
I use all my ‘clairs’ to psychically communicate with the animals, and am able to see the world from their perspective, and gain a better knowledge of what they are experiencing. I can then decipher which techniques to use to aid them in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
Working with animals and communicating with them, is the best when they are in their own environment where they feel safe and comfortable, but I can also connect with them psychically from anywhere if needed. If travel is needed, I will go to the pet’s location, and preform my services at their home, or safe place. I also offer long distance healing and communication for animals, if traveling is not optional.
With animals, my approach is typically, ‘hands on’, unlike my, ‘hands off’, Reiki technique for people, where my hands are 2″ above the body. The reason being, that animals are far more sensitive, and can feel, hovering hands, above their bodies, which can make them skittish and restless. I find that petting the animal while distributing Reiki, is the most comfortable and familiar for them. If I am unable to touch the animal, I will then distribute the Reiki energy into the room with them. I adjust my technique depending on type of animal: bird, fish, reptile, rodent, etc.
I’m also a skilled veterinary technician, and have a vast knowledge about animal anatomy and behavior. I’m even known as, ‘the cat whisperer’ in my profession.
Animals are very spiritual beings, and deserve the same love and respect as any person. I believe they are all wonderful gifts from God/Source/Spirit, and we have a lot to learn from these sweet souls.

I also provide long distance animal healings: $120 for an hour with Spiritual Assessment, $100 without. Afterwards, I send you an email explaining the after effects and spiritual assessment of your pet’s session (if purchased with healing).

*Other services include finding lost pets, and mediumship sessions with deceased pets*

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