House & Object Cleansing


1 Hour Cleansing: $150 + Travel

Our homes are our castles, and we try our best to keep them a loving, happy, and peaceful environment for ourselves and our families.
But sometimes a house doesn’t feel like a home, and there can be something missing, unwanted, heavily emotional, fogged, and other negative feelings, thoughts and actions can take place. Our homes can absorb energy whether it be good or bad, and can carry on throughout the years, with different owners, situations, and changes. Sometimes we create the energy, and other times we invite it in unintentionally through our subconscious and conscious minds. In some cases, entities can become trapped, or drawn to a location that is either, safe or familiar to them, or they are stuck in a death state unable to leave a space because they are afraid to cross over to the light for various reasons. If the land itself has had a traumatic past, it could hold on to those emotions and situations. And sometimes, people report that activity didn’t start until they began to renovate or change their home or land, which could have stirred up old emotions, energy and entities that were once unnoticeable.
The same ideas can be used with objects. Sometimes energy can become attached to an object that either used to belong to someone that has passed, or has a certain emotion or situation imprinted on it.
Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, as we were drawn to a particular object in a thrift store, yard sale, or vintage store, that we had to take home with us. Then, after we brought it home, odd occurrences started to happen. The energy in the house shifted, the occupants moods started to change, or animals began acting strangely, and the entire atmosphere seemed to be heavy. It’s likely that an entity or energy could be attached to whatever object was recently brought into the home.
Pretty much anything and everything is subject to having an attachment, even used cars! Using all my psychic, mediumship and Reiki healing techniques, I will cleanse the home, object, or land that has been affected, and remove all energies, emotions, attachments and entities from the space. I send them all to the light, and replace them with Reiki healing, light, and love.

I also provide long distance or remote house clearings if outside of Orange County!

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