Forensic Mediumship/Missing Persons

*All cases of Forensic Mediumship/Missing Persons, is free of charge*

Whether the missing person is living or deceased, they deserve to be brought home to their families and loved ones. That’s why I provide this service free of charge. hug

I work with anyone that is struggling to find their loved ones, and searching for answers. Whether it’s a cold case, recent disappearance, or a missing pet, I will do my very best to give you some answers, closure and peace of mind.

I understand that for some people, reaching out to a psychic or medium to find someone is a last resort when all other search efforts have been exhausted, but please be reassured that I won’t send you on a wild goose chase. I’m completely honest with my clients, and if I’m unable to connect, I have a list of people that can help. With that, I provide factual, evidential mediumship, with honest feedback about the case, and the missing person.

On special cases, I will work with a team of psychics and mediums to get the best, cohesive results for the families.

Also, as my additional service, if your missing loved one is deceased, I make sure they have crossed into the light. If they have not, I gladly assist them.

Just send me a message, and I’ll email you asap!

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