Assisting Souls to the Light

Assisting Souls Session: *No charge, or Additional Charge*

Many believe that when we die, we are greeted with loved ones, and a bright, white light encouraging us to come home. And yes… although this is 22017871_1740952319310398_7210792392499134464_ntrue, there are many reasons why a spirit chooses not to cross into the light, and remains earthbound.
In some cases, if the deceased spirit is afraid of: being punished by God for something they believe was a sin in life, or believe they will be judged harshly because of terrible actions done while alive, if they died tragically, unsolved murder, believe they have unfinished business, does not want to leave family or friends because they believe they need to be earth bound to support them, they left their body too fast and have no idea they are deceased, suicide, and many other reasons why they stay away from the light. Fear is usually the major reason for them to stay earth bound, and according to the law of free will, their angels, guides and past loved ones cannot force them to come home to the light if they decide not to for whatever reason.
Every soul deserves to reconnect to God/Source/Spirit after their passing, and has the right to peace and love from the Source! I am honored and blessed to be able to help them on their journey home, and work with a group of guides that assist me in helping these spirits cross into the light. I’m able to decipher the difference between, earth bound spirits, dark entities, and beings in the light, using my, ‘Clairs’ to communicate, and encourage souls to go home.
All situations are different, and it varies from Spirit to Spirit, as in: how slow or quickly they pass, if it’s on location, if you can come see me for a session, or if it’s long distance, and if they are energetically attached to someone’s aura, etc. First, I determine which technique I will need to use to assist them to the light depending on the situation, then I will inform you how long it might take. Usually, it’s hard for people to know if a loved one has gone to the light or not, and it can be discovered during a healing/psychic/mediumship session with me. At that point, there is no additional charge for me to send them to the light. As a medium, I believe it is my duty and honor to get them into the light and back with God/Source/Spirit.

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