Mediumship Session

1 Hour Session: $120

God's Saving Hand

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Meaning… some psychics choose not to speak with deceased loved ones or others that have crossed, or not crossed over to the light.
I have choosen to embrace my abilities, and love to provide mediumship sessions and services. I use all my, ‘clairs’, to receive messages and speak with deceased loved ones, pets, ancestors, angels, guides, and anyone else that comes through even if they haven’t crossed into the light.
In the case that a soul has not rejoined the light, I will assist them into the light so they can once again be connected with God/Source/Spirit, and be at peace. If you have a deceased loved one that hasn’t crossed, you can choose to assist with me, during the time of our session, or I can assist them at a later time if you choose not to be present.
It’s wonderful to hear from our loved ones on the other side, and receive beautiful messages from them and other spiritual beings and even past pets. It can help us find closure, peace, and acceptance with their passing, and to remind us that they are always with us, looking over us, and waiting for us when it’s our time to be called home.

I also provide over the phone sessions!

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