Long Distance Reiki Healing


30 minute session: $80

Reiki is considered universal life force energy, that flows through everything in life, and Reiki energy/spiritual healing, can assist with many different avenues of life, and life stages, while healing all types of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blockage.
Reiki healing is typically performed in person, but can be provided long distance. The healing is usually completed within 30 minutes, but is just as effective as in person, and can be more convenient if you’re out of state, or unable to attend in person for various reasons. A day and time will be chosen so you can schedule yourself in a peaceful space at that time. I will send Reiki Healing energy to you, and when the healing is complete, I will send you an assessment email of your session.

*See Reiki Spiritual Healing for more detail information on Reiki Energy*

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