Reiki Spiritual Healing


1 Hour Healing: $150

Reiki is considered universal life force energy, that flows through everything we know, and receiving an energy/spiritual healing, can positively assist all beings going through different avenues of life, and life stages.
Reiki healing can aid with: Personal growth, clearing chakra blockage, healing past trauma, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, emotional pain, letting go of addiction and substance abuse, understanding life scripts, clearing and focusing the mind, realizing life purpose/path, goal recognition, past life regression, learning to forgive self and others, releasing trapped emotions, removal of negative energy attached to aura, connecting to higher self, empowering and energizing mind, body and soul, and so much more!
Reiki Energy is from the light, and performed with pure love and respect for all life. This is a technique in which the healer is a channel for, God/Source/Spirit, to pass loving, healing energy to the, person/animal/plant/object, relaxing the body to increase physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. I perform the ‘hands off’ technique in which my hands hover 2″ above the body at all times, and scan the aura to determine where the energy needs to be sent, and where any negative energy needs to be extracted.
With my strong ability of clairsentience, (clear feeling), I can actually feel the blocked chakras and emotions, and experience any physical ailment/pain/discomfort that the client once had or is currently going through, once I scan the aura. In short, “I feel, what you feel”.
Reiki is typically performed with the person laying face up and fully clothed on a massage table, unless the person is physically unable to lay on the table, as in, wheelchair bound, physical aliment or injury, etc. I will then adjust my technique to accommodate that person. Everyone deserves to receive the beautiful, healing Reiki energy, and move forward in a positive light with God/Source/Spirit’s powerful love to assist them.

*Also available in, Long Distance Reiki Healing*

Other possible healing modalities/methods used during a session:

  • Sound or Resonance Healing: Using singing bowls, and tuning forks.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes known as “meridian tapping” or “acupressure tapping”
  • Shamanic influenced healing and extractions
  • Oncology Reiki: For cancer patients
  • Crystal Healings: Using various crystals and stones

*Most modalities are chosen by Spirit for the best healing result in regards for the client, therefore, I’m guided to use alternative methods when instructed to do so. Not everyone will receive the same healing!*

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